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TV Episode Review: Tale of the Crimson Clown

Are You Afraid of the Dark: Tale of Crimson Clown
Rated TV-Y7
4 Slimes
Copyright Cinar Productions 1992

The Midnight Society: They aren’t the main part of the show, they just tell the story. Gary is the one that tells the story for this episode.

Sam Carter: This kid is a brat all the way! I hate to have this kid as a little brother. Unfortunately for him, his attitude is the kind of thing that attracts a certain evil clown…

Mike Carter: Sam’s Brother. I’m surprise he hasn’t beaten his brother to a pulp yet considering the kid’s horrible behavior.

Mrs. Carter: Sam and Mike’s mom. I’m not sure how she puts up with Sam, but then again, he is always lying to her and she always believes him.

Shop Owner: I don’t know. He sure is selling that statute for a lot of money.

Crimson Clown: Pennywise wishes that he was this freaky! This guy haunted my dreams for a long time with such a creepy look and freaky voice. For a good description of him, he’s like the Jack in the Box mascot you see in the commercials, but imagine him with an edge, a freaky smile, and in a clown uniform.

+ There are certain clowns out there that kidnapped misbehaving kids.
+ When being attacked by a crazy clown, never go to your brother for help.
+ Clowns can come through the TV screen to get you, like that girl from The Ring!
+ Ice skates are your number one ally against evil clown ribbons.

4 min – Who sells dolls like that in a store like that?
6 min – What do you know! It has Zeebo on it!
9 min – They’re mom is extremely oblivious to things.
11 min – Remind me to never get near a clown doll again.
13 min – The girl from The Ring, eat your heart out!
18 min – Oh my God! My childhood nightmare has come back to get me!!! AUGH!!
19 min – *Bleep* AUGH!!! CLOSE THE WINDOW!!
Closing Credits – My God! I still hear him laugh!!! HELP ME!!

Gary: Tonight, I've got a special story... There's an old saying, "What goes around, comes around." In my story, one kid finds out that no matter what you do, good or bad, it always comes back at you. It's great if you do something nice, but if you do something rotten... Watch out! It's coming back, and probably when you least expect it. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story... The Tale Of The Crimson Clown.

Mike: Sam, whenever you're bad, and that means when you steal, the Crimson Clown is watching you.

Crimson Clown: Sam, you’re a bad kid! You know what we do to bad kids?

Crimson Clown: Nobody will help you. You’re a bad kid. Nobody wants to help a bad kid!


If you thought Zeebo was scary, you haven’t seen nothing yet! The Tale of the Crimson Clown is one of the scariest episodes from Are You Afraid of the Dark and one of the most memorable episodes as well. This one will haunt you for a long time and make you terrified of clowns forever if you see this as a kid. Luckily for me, I have escaped without too damage… I think…

The episode is about this kid called Sam who is the world’s number one brat and makes his big brother Mike’s life a living hell. He crosses the ultimate line when he steals his brother’s money that they were supposed to use to buy their mother a birthday present.

Fed up with his brother’s attitude, he tells him that he better be careful or the Crimson Clown will come to get him. The clown kidnaps very bad children who’ll end up never see their parents again. Of course, Sam blows this off as just a stupid story that Mike made up. That’s true, but what apparently, the clown does exist!

Later that day at their house, a clown doll keeps appearing before Sam, scaring him crazy, including reaching out of a TV screen to get at him. Sam still holds doubt about everything that is happening to him, but things take a turn for the worst for him later that night. The dreaded Crimson Clown appears before him in a vision wanting to take him away.

Sam runs to his brother for help, but finds him missing. He is soon cornered by the clown, who now looks extremely freaky. Sam repents his crimes and pleads with the clown to spare him, because he promises never to do anything bad again. The clown takes his word and Sam wakes up back in his bedroom the next day.

This is one of the greatest episodes of the series, despite being overshadowed by Tale of Laughing in the Dark. It’s got great atmosphere, very good acting, the villain is perfectly terrifying, and this episode still holds up well without being cheesy at all. If you got to see one episode from the series, this is it!

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  1. Love this espisode, for blantantly obvious reasons. Glad to see you remember it and wanted to give it some attention.