Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movie Review: Megalodon

Rated PG-13
2 Slimes
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Christen Giddings: She is a news reporter who is at the oil rig to do a report on it. She is sort of likeable, but slightly annoying as well. I’m not really sure what she provides for this film.

Ross Eliot: He is the dive leader for the oil rig and apparently has given up on saving the planet from pollution. He is extremely smart when it comes to knowing about the ocean and goes to face the Megalodon head on after it kills Maz. I think his sub explodes, killing the shark, but it could also be that God, at that very moment, vaporized him and the shark together. You'll have to see the scene to judge for yourself.

Peter Brazier: A huge oil tycoon, that sounds like Tim Curry, who built the rig in order to make a safe and efficient rig. Unfortunately, he built it right on top of the Megalodon’s home. Unlike most oil tycoons, he is a likeable person who is trying to do good things in the world and at the end of the movie, works towards protecting the environment.

Amanda ‘Maz’ Zablenko: One of the workers at the rig who is into Ross romantically. She often works in a sub and is the first to discover the undersea cavern. The shark attacks her sub when she rescues everyone and kills her.

Mitchell Parks: He is the chief medic and safety officer for the rig. He allows Ross to go and face down the large shark head on.

R.P. McGinnis: He is the chief engineer for the rig. He heads up injuring his leg, which slows him down just enough for the shark to come up through the ice and eat him later.

David Collen: He is the oil rig manger who gets bit by a killer dinosaur fish. He is luckily rushed out of the rig so he doesn’t have to deal with the giant shark problem that comes later.

Jake Thompson: He is Christen’s cameraman for her news report on the oil rig. Somehow, he ends up getting killed. I’m not sure how since helicopter he was in didn't land too hard, so I'm not sure how it puncture his neck, but whatever.

Grady Harper: He is one of the employees on the rig. This idiot doesn’t listen when everyone tells him to turn off his lights on his sub, which allows for Megalodon to spot him and promptly kill him.

Megalodon: An ancient shark that was living peacefully in a fault line until the Colossus showed up and started drilling in its area. He looks like a great white, but only much larger. I would figure an ancient dinosaur would look a lot more different than its modern ancestor, but I am not scientist. He is… vaporized at the end of the film.

+ You only need 22 people to run an oil rig.
+ Seismic activity is something you should not fear.
+ Sharks do not like to give up so easily.
+ Subs are not Megalodon proof.
+ Sharks don’t notice right away when a sub crashes into them.

2 min – Could the opening credit sequence take any longer?
11 min – Kind of a lame place for an employee lounge.
20 min – So far, everything reminds me of a ride at Epcot.
23 min – Well? Will someone start talking?
29 min – Whoa, I blinked and I just missed something!
32 min – Where’s my shark? Shouldn’t that shark have appeared already?
43 min – Here sharky sharky… here boy! Where are you? This is your movie.
46 min – Man, it looks like you cuddle with a box jellyfish.
52 min – Hey! There’s sharky! I knew you show up sooner or later!
65 min – I don’t know. That was cool, but it was also sort of cheesy.
69 min – Oh come on, that couldn’t have killed them.
75 min – Hey, they didn’t show him harpooning it!
78 min – Wait… what? But wasn’t he… how did he… ah forget it, movie is over anyways.


I can honestly say that I have never heard of this movie before. Then again, it was made by an unknown company and it isn’t talked much about in the movie community for either being bad or good. This movie is more often or not mistaken for Shark Attack 3: Megalodon too, so this is really a lesser known shark movie. However, should this movie really be unknown or should it be remember and talked about more. Let’s see.

We open up to the movie to news broadcast from something called Quest, which is being hosted by Maria Barrera. We learn that an immense amount of shark attacks have been going on, causing fears among the local resort and beach front owners, and there is a big oil crisis going on. Hey, I watch movies not to be reminded of the real world. We find out that one oil tycoon, a Peter Brazier, has built the Nexecon’s Colossus, which is suppose to be the most efficient and ground breaking offshore oil rig ever to have been created.

We fast forward to where Christen Giddings and her cameraman, Jake Thompson, board the mighty oil rig. They are here because Peter, who is also there, wants to cool the doubts of geologists, who say it was a bad idea to drill in this area, with the news report. While there; the news team meets Grady Harper, an employee; David Collen; the oil rig manager; Ross Eliot, dive leader; Mitchell Parks, safety officer; R.P. McGinnis, the chief engineer; and Amanda ‘Maz’ Zablenko, a pilot of something I assume. Couldn’t understand what Peter said when he introduced her.

The next day, the drilling begins, but a problem happens. The rig starts shaking and there appears to be a problem with one of the hoses that is connected to the drilling machine in the water. When David and Mitchell open it, David is attacked by a mysterious creature, which turns out to be an extinct dinosaur fish. They reason there are more of them down there and there are probably even bigger versions of it.

Next, there is a Code 6, which means there is a problem with the drill. Everyone goes down to the sea floor in subs and in an air tight elevator. They discover drill has actually opens up a hole in the ocean floor, which is revealed to have contained thousands of those monster dino fish!  Don't worthy about them, the film will end up forgetting their existence soon enough.

Maz’s sub is sucked down into the hole and Ross stays behind to find her, while the rest heads back up. Above the surface, a storm is approaching the rig, so they’ll be out of reach from anyone for 12 to 24 hours. Oh good, this gives the shark plenty of time to snack on them. Speaking of which, we are about 40 minutes into a 90 minute movie. Where’s that dang shark anyways?

Back on the ocean floor, Ross gets contact from Maz in the hole. Ross goes to meet up with her down below, but they both discover an underwater sanctuary with hundreds of different type of prehistoric creatures in the cavern. They return to the surface to tell everyone the news, but unfortunately, something followed them out. There is some more shaking in the rig again and everyone heads back below to check it out. Maz and Harper check things out in the sub, while the others go down in the elevator. While checking things out, guess who shows up? That’s right, Megalodon appears! About 52 minutes late, but I can forgive that since the movie has been doing ok so far.

The shark attacks Harper’s sub and kills him. Interestingly enough, the shark doesn’t rip through the sub, but we later see part of Harper floating through the water. The shark leaves, allowing the rest to take off in the elevator, but the creature disables it somehow. They are forced to detach from the shaft and float up to the surface in the elevator itself. Once there, Peter and another person arrive in a helicopter to save them. They are too close to the rig, but Maz arrives and moves them close to an ice sheet where they can be safely picked up by the helicopter.

Once everyone is all out, Maz returns to the rig in her sub, but the shark attacks and apparently kills her. When the helicopter picks them, McGinnis is killed by the shark next as he tries to make a run for the copter. My God did that attack scene look fake. Everyone else is taken back to the rig, but the helicopter crashes on the landing pad, killing the copilot and Jake. This movie, I assume, is trying to make up for not having people killed sooner.

With everyone back on the rig, Ross gets into a sub and prepares to face off against the shark himself. He heads down below in his sub and attacks the beast. In a strange series of moves and one of the most confusing things I have ever seen, I think he vaporized the shark… and himself. It looked like an explosion, but think they were just vaporized. Wait a minute; the shark shows up later, blown in half. So it wasn’t vaporized then, just blown up. That makes sense... I guess, but what happened to Ross and his sub then?

From that unusual scene, we fast forward 3 months to somewhere off the coast of France. We spy Christen in a little sailboat writing a letter to Peter. But little does she know, a or possibly the Megalodon is now swimming below her boat. Is this movie pulling an Octopus 2 on me? I hope not. Anyways, movie ends after that so who knows if that shark meant anything.

Well the movie ends up being three fifths good and two fifths bad. Starting with the good, the music was very nice and dramatic. The acting was also good, with each character being portrayed well, to point where we actually care about the individual. The plot was nice and was genuinely an interesting and good idea. A bit cliché, but good. When the CGI was good, it looked impressive and amazing. The scene where Ross and Maz explore the underground cavern is so breathtaking.

As for the bad, you often get the feeling (And you are mostly likely correct) that there wasn’t much of a budget in this movie. Most movie settings and pretty much all action scenes were done in CGI, which was bad since the settings are generic and the action scenes are terrible. While the acting was good, some side characters’ performance had no emotion at all, almost acting like a robot. The worst of it was the shark itself, with it being so unrealistic and pathetic looking, to the point where it is down right depressing. All shark attacks were extreme shallow and beyond fake. I think they even sneaked in some stock footage shots of a real Great White. It also took 52 minutes to even introduce the shark into the movie, which is not good for the most part. A shark movie should get straight to the point and show the main attraction as soon as possible.

When it comes down to it, you need to be a B-movie or shark movie fan to really enjoy this flick. Most people could sit through it thanks to the acting and a somewhat decent plot. Though, a lot of the CGI and shark itself could ruin the movie itself. You’ll either like the movie or not. A film of this caliber has no halfway point so you’ll have to decide. It isn’t the greatest shark movie out there, but you could see worse compare to the crap out there.


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  2. Watched this film on the UK channel Zone Horror. Can't believe I sat through he whole thing! Very boring, bad computer effects and it seems the whole film was shot in about two rooms max! Stil, likeit more than Deep Blue Sea and the like, as I knew to expect a piece of crap. Good review IG, spot on! ;)