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Anime OVA Review: Happiness!

Happiness! OVA
Rated ????
2 Slimes
Copyright Chiba TV 2007


Jun Watarase: Despite all appearances and sound, this character is a guy. He just apparently dresses and acts like a girl, even having feelings for Yuma (Here’s Yoai for the ladies). He’s got his own fan club, which is kind of creepy. He is transformed into a girl though, so everything is alright then. Well, that’s until every guy in the entire school becomes so in love with her that they just want to smother her with kisses. She turns back into a guy in the end.

Yuma Kohinata: He is the male lead role in the main series and is in a love triangle with Haruhi and Anri. Unlike every other guy in the school, he treats Jun the same as if nothing happened after he transformed. The reason is that he is affected by the radiation of the magic spell that hit Jun and he slowly turns into a girl over time.

Haruhi Kamisaka: She is the main heroine in the main series and she is the one with the brown hair. Part of a spell she performs accidently turns Jun into a girl.

Anri Hiiragi: She is Haruhi’s friend and love rival the main series. She has twin blond ponytails (She looks like a younger version of Eri from School Rumble). Part of a spell she performs accidently turns Jun into a girl.

Koyuki Takamine: She is a quiet girl trying to become a mage. She’s got the look down for sure! She’s got a very long staff and a green slime that floats at the top of it (Reminds me of Dragon Quest).

Ibuki Shikimori: She is a rich girl who appears to be albino. Part of a spell she performs accidently turns Jun into a girl.

Saya Kamijyo: A small girl with short purple hair, who is the twin sister of Shinya. She accidently helps cause Jun’s transformation.

Hachisuke Takamizo: Pervert who wants to get close to any girl at all cost. He is close friends with Jun and is affected by the charm spell hidden in the gender change spell.

Shinya Kamijyo: He is Saya’s twin brother and is overly protective of her. Part of his spell accidently causes Jun’s transformation. He is affected by the charm spell inside of the gender change spell.

Suzuri Minagi: She is Yuma’s mother who works in the magic section of the school. She is able to provide Jun with an answer on what happened to her and how to fix the problem.

+ Anime shows have catchy and interesting openings.
+ Never get distracted when casting a spell.
+ Magical staffs, horns, umbrellas, and such can speak to their wielder.
+ Dark spell + Magic Pin Missiles + Magic Butterfly + Sword Blast + Guy = Girl
+ When transformed into a girl, waitresses will randomly want to take bathes with you.
+ Girls can accurately predict with a large group of boys is coming.
+ Being kicked in the face means the girl accepts your love for her.
+ Boobs make whoopee cushion noises when touched.

1 min – Very catchy!
3 min – Wait a minute! Why did we get all of those close-up shots if she’s really a guy?
5 min 56-58 sec – Cross Sailor Moon & Cardcaptor Sakura and you get this scene.
6 min 54 sec to 7 min – RANDOM FREAK OUT MOMENT!
7 min 50 sec – A heavenly light shines on Jun.
8 min – Should I applaud this announcement?
9 min – Don’t any of these guys have class or something?
10 min – These guys have no life!
12 min – Things are starting to get way too weird in this school.
13 min – I knew it! There are such things as love zombies!
16 min – I’ve seen this costume before… but where?
17 min – How many people are even in this school? It’s like there is over 1,000!
20 min – Radiation works in interesting ways.

Jun Watarase: Listen up, everyone! Watarase Jun… From today, Am hundred percent… A true… Girl!

Hachisuke Takamizo: [After being kicked in the face] I see. You finally accepted my love?


Don’t even ask. I have no clue of how I even found this show. Anyways, for those of you unaware of what an OVA is, it is sort of a special episode per say of anime in Japan. OVAs are sort of like those Christmas specials or those shows that have special promotions for something. Either way, it basically last the same length as a regular episode of the series and it doesn’t really contributes much to what happens in the overall storyline.

Now that the lesson is over, let’s talk about Happiness. I have never heard or watch this show up until this point, so I was basically flying in head first. I did some research into the show before I began, just to get an understanding of it. Apparently, this kid, Yuma Kohinata, attends this high school called Mizuhosaka Academy. There’s two parts to this school, one is the regular part (Which he attends) and the other is the magic section that teaches people how to use spells and such. The story revolves around him; his friends; this mage girl called Haruhi Kamisaka, who is in love with him; and Anri Hiiragi, a mage and love rival for Haruhi. There’s more to it, but there is a lot of ground to cover and it is all best left for you to check out. So, let’s get to this special story and sees what it is all about.

2 last notes before we begin, this anime is based of a hentai visual novel from Japan. Just wanted to let you all know that, because this series weird origin isn’t really reflected in this anime OVA at all. Also, this episode I’m watching is in sub form (Subtitles) and in the original format (Not that anyone has dubbed it), so there should be really no difference from the original.

The episode opens up and we get our traditional anime opening and pop song. From there, we meet Jun Watarase taking a shower. If this catches your attention, as it did the same for me, forget about it. It turns out that Jun… is a guy. Apparently, he is a very feminine looking boy (I mean really feminine looking! You can’t tell the difference until someone mentions that) who likes dressing as a girl and even speaks like a girl. He is so girly looking that guys mistake him easily for a girl and even get the hots for him. That’ll mess with your brain.

So the school day begins and it seems normal enough considering what kind of school it is. Haruhi and Anri are casting spells, Takamizo is getting beat up for getting close to Saya, Jun has his own fan club (Creepy), Koyuki is busy doing dark spells, and Ibuki is trying to get away from some random girl. Does Hogwarts have these kinds of days?

Ok, now here comes the crazy part that I’ll do my best to explain. One of Anri’s spells backfires and she releases tons of magical blue butterflies. All but one escapes and flies off. One of Koyuki’s dark spells escapes the classrooms and flies off. A guy trying to beat up Takamizo launches a lighting spell that misses the target. Finally, Ibuki also launches a bunch of light pin missiles from a spell that misses the girl bothering her. Now all of these spells combine together at one key point and form into some kind of super spell that strikes Jun as he comes into school. He is hit head on and is transformed into a girl. Ok, that fan club is ok now and isn’t as creepy.

Jun realizes this amazing change and announces this to the class. Everyone is shocked, but everyone seems to be fine with it. The boys seem to like it a lot now that Jun is a girl (Still creepy since she was originally a he) and seem to stalk and stare at her now. Jun is in love with her new change and now wants to marry Yuma. Talk about getting ahead of yourself.

Things seem to be going well for Jun, with her fan club changing to match her new feminine change and everybody seeming to like her. However, it seems like almost every single guy in the school is completely entranced by her, including the teachers as well. Now, almost every guy wants to kiss her, outside of Yuma. Speaking of which, I wonder why he isn’t going crazy over her as well?

Yuma, Jun, and Haruhi run from the love dazed mob and find Suzuri Minagi, a teacher at the school that can help them out with this current problem. Suzuri gives them the lay of the land that the spells have turned Jun into a girl, but with a charm that drives men senseless (Besides Yuma for some reason) and will continue to chase and seek her. Suzuri recommends Jun turn back to normal and Jun agrees since she doesn’t want to hurt anyone with this spell around her.

Jun is to use the magic trapped inside of her and perform a spell. It doesn’t matter what spell, since the magic inside of her will be used up and she’ll revert back to being a boy. She comes up with an idea and has all the boys in the school come outside to where she cast her spell. It is called the Happiness Spell (Get it?) and it makes all the guys in the school happy and content. With the spell preformed, Jun returns back to his normal guy self, which really isn’t that much of a change to begin with.

The school comes to an end and everyone is relaxing after the hectic day. However, everyone is confused about one thing. Why didn’t Yuma go crazy for Jun like all the other guys? Hey, that’s a good question! Guess what! It turns out Yuma also turned into a girl as well! That’s fine and all, but how did he not notice the entire day?! He had P.E. so he should have known when he changed shirts. Heck, he should have notice when he was in the bathroom! The excuse is that he got magic radiation from the spell earlier when he was near Jun, so he changed over time. I guess that works, but it seems cheap…

It’s really hard to give this one a grade, since I’ve never watched the series outside of this OVA. Anyways, I’ll give it my best. Starting with negative, the artwork is a bit cliché and looks like a lot of other animes out there. The series setting and what happens seem to becoming from Harry Potter, Negima, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sailor Moon, so this gives me the feeling of seeing it all before. The characters are also a bit cliché and were a bit one dimensional. I bet the regular series developed them better. The series was also a bit strange and disturbing in some manner that may put off some people.

As for the positives, I must say, I did enjoy the humor inserted in the special. It was amusing and gave me a lot of smiles. Even though most characters weren’t that interesting, I found Jun to be very unique and different. He/she was very developed and I liked how the episode focused more on him, since according to my research, he is usually just a side character. Despite seeing all of this before in other series, I did enjoy watching this episode. I also believe that fans of the series will enjoy the special as well.

All in all, it wasn’t memorable, but it was ok overall. It’s really hard to recommend watching unless you are a fan of the series, looking for different types of anime to watch, or in case you want to see something odd. If you don’t fall into any of those categories, you probably wouldn’t want to watch this.

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