Friday, July 10, 2009

Review System

I use a review system that Andrew of uses, which I like to personally thank for allowing me to do so. However, in case you don’t know how the review system works and you are too lazy to go Andrew’s site, here’s the run down of how it works.

4 Slimes:
This would be considered the best of the best in movies. You’ll love these types of films because they manage to be enjoyable and entertaining experiences. They are spectacular and ones you should not miss at all. There is great acting, a great story, great effects, and great everything. Occasionally, there is a problem or two, but they can be overlooked.

Examples: Jaws and Dick Tracey

3 Slimes:
These are good movies that are fun to watch, but they might not be perfect. You’ll probably get a kick out of the movies with this rating and might want to see them again and again. There are problems with the films, but they aren’t immense enough for you to be distracted from your viewing experience.

Examples: Mars Attacks! and Twice Upon A Time

2 Slimes:
These films aren’t exactly groundbreaking or extremely good. There are plenty of problems with them, but you could still find them enjoyable. They can be entertaining, but more often or not, most of these films in this area are aimed mostly at a specific group of people. You may not be one of those people. Also, many b-movies fall into this area as well. Still, you could be watching worse.

Examples: Eight Legged Freaks and DOA: Dead or Alive

1 Slime:
These types of film are not very good and are normally something you probably wouldn’t want to watch. There are many problems with these types of film, most often or not it is plot and or the special effects. These films aren’t really painful, but they are dreadful. Still, you probably find some enjoyment out of some of the films, like if you are a diehard fan of the genre or if you like the series.

Examples: Jaws 3 and Street Fighter

This is going to hurt. I’m not going to lie or try to hide the truth from you. These films will bore you to sleep, drive you to insanity, or send you into a blind rage. There is nothing redeeming about these films. Well there maybe something, but the sure amount of awfulness in the film will cover it up unless you search desperately for it. You should not these films unless you have a high tolerance for pain or you just enjoy destroying your brain cells.

Examples: Frogs and Monster A Go-Go!

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