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Anime Show Review: Green Green Part 1

Green Green : Episode 1
Rated 16 and Older
2 Slimes
Copyright Media Blasters 2006


Yuusuke Takasaki: The main character for the series and the only half way decent guy in the school. According to what Midori mentions and lets on, there is something more to this guy.

Tadatomo Ijuuin, Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, and Taizo Tenjin: I will be referring to these guys as the pervert squad, since that best describes the 3 of them and their little posse. Tadatomo is the fat guy and sickest one of them all. Hikaru considers himself a suave guy that is attracted to Futaba. Taizo has a very creepy thing for younger girls and is instantly attracted to Sanae.

Midori Chitose: She’ll be the leading female role in the series and I am assuming an alien! She is in love with Yuusuke, but we don’t know why. It could have something to do with that legend told by the narrator at the end or the series could be just jerking us around.

Futaba Kutsuki: Ah ha! So that’s what Casey from Pok√©mon grew up to look like! The mystery is solved! Anyways, she is a tomboy and she has no interested in this school merger dealy.

Reika Morimura: Some mysterious girl that has a connection to Midori and does not want Yuusuke to fall in love with her. Don’t know why though.

Wakaba Kutsuki: She is Futaba’s little sister, who basically does everything she is told.

Sanae Minami: It’s Hinata/Nodoka/Shinobu! Seriously, she has the personality of these 3 girls.

Chigusa Lino: She is the former nurse of the all girl school that came with the girls during the move.

Arisa Haruno: She’s the anime version of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. I can’t describe her any better than that!

+ A girl’s fantasy is similar looking to an episode of Ouran High School Host Club.
+ Guys are scary when they haven’t been around girls for a long time.
+ Girls have teleportation skills and jump in slow mo.
+ If a girl sees that you are watching her dress, she’ll jump onto you (?!).
+ Nothing ruins the mood like telling the girl you don’t know her.

0 min – Alright! A kickass opening theme song... while girls dress… this isn’t going to be a high class kind of show?
3 min – Ah yes, you must be the pervert squad then!
4 min – Oh God! I do anything to wipe that image from my mind!
7 min – That girl is scaring me!!
8 min – Wait a minute, was that ghoul in the crowd?!
10 min – Wow, 5 panty flashes in less than a minute! I can already see what type of show this is.
12 min – Considering you, God probably has stopped listening to your disgusting prayers a long time ago.
13 min – Hey! It’s gang version of Kuwabara.
16 min – Blown away? Looks more like she is blowing you off!
17 min – Sir, you are scaring the normals.
20 min – Oh man! What guy personally wouldn’t want to be him right now?
21 min – Wow, the awkward levels are sky rocketing!


A few years back, when I was checking into some information surrounding Love Hina, someone brought this show up in a discussion. They mention it was very disturbing and a bit creepy. Now over 2 to 3 years later, I have the complete series collection in my hands not for that reason, but for simple reasons. The whole show was 14 bucks and that is a pretty darn good deal for the whole. So! Let’s examine this show and see what this thing is all about!

Before we begin the review, a quick question: do you remember my review on Happiness? I mentioned that show was based off a Hentai title and guess what? So is this! The big difference is that this show is truer to its roots… oh boy…

A little back story, the show takes place at Kanenone Gakuen, an all male boarding school in the middle of nowhere in Japan that is considered the last male refuge in the world. Apparently, the female population has been becoming larger than the male population and… hey, this sounds like the back-story for that planet in Girls Bravo. Then there is a female narrator who tells us some romantic and tragic love story about boy and girl who love each other and cannot be together. So they hope to be reincarnated in future so they can be together once more. That’s a lot of hope and a pretty big huge gamble to hope that reincarnation will bring you two back together. Moving on…

After an awesome opening song, we see a couple of girl crazed guys watching for bus from a bell tower. Apparently their all male school is merging with an all female school! Let hijinks ensue and let there be an anime about it! These pervs are Tadatomo, Hikaru, and Taizo, the stupid pervert squad as I’ll be referring to. While they watch, their thankfully normal friend, Yuusuke, is setting up a welcome party for the arriving girls.

We then cut to the group of girls coming to the school and I can clearly see they are all stereotypes in this type of show. Some of the girls are excited, like nerdy Haruno, while others don’t seem so interested, like tom girl Futaba. So the bus arrives with the girls and the whole male population pounces on them all at once, looking like they are all whipped and sexual predators, which they most certainly are just by looking at them and the way the drool.

So Yuusuke greets all the girls and all of a sudden, an alien girl beams down out of nowhere! I’m not making this up folks, a girl literally beams out of nowhere in a bright light! She then pounces on Yuusuke like a tiger, knocks him down, and says she finally found him. The sudden shock from being football tackled by a mysterious girl who says she knows him causes him to pass out. The girl who tackles him is Midori.

So the guys and girls start talking with each other, while Yuusuke lies in the infirmary with Midori and the nurse, Chigusa, watching over them. While he is out like a light, Chigusa talks to Midori about her transfer papers (She transferred to the girls school recently before being moved here) and saying there are some odd things about it. No kidding; her birthday says: 8/14/3003!

Then as soon as the nurse leaves, a girl called Reika shows up and tells her that they both have to leave because they don’t belong here! Suddenly, that crack about her being an alien takes on a whole new level of reality right now. She tells Midori that she’ll make her life a living hell if she stays, which she does, and says that she has no chance getting Yuusuke at all (especially since he doesn’t even remember her). Reika leaves now and Midori decides to switch into her school uniform.

During the process, Yuusuke wakes up and sees Midori undresses. So like any normal girl, she gets into bed with him in her undies and bra, climbing right on top of him. This is getting rather odd… He is completely shocked by her and tells her he doesn’t even know who she is. She is upset, but says he is needs to ‘awaken’ to remember her and then decides to kiss him. He pushes her off, but then flips on top of her. Just as he does, the pervert squad, the nurse, and then whole school basically enters the room and well; chaos happens!

Well that is the first episode of the series and let’s take a quick count! We had over 20 boob jokes, 5 panty flashes in less than a minute, lots of jiggling boobs (It’s got to be pain on the girls’ backs you figure), and girl strip down into her undergarments. Ah yes, classy show isn’t it?

With all seriousness here, this is going to be a hard one to watch. I’m going to see a lot of dirty and sick jokes in this series I bet. Some of the characters aren’t interesting, but has only been one episode, so I will give the show the benefit of the doubt. The mysterious plot surrounding the history between Midori and Yuusuke is admittedly intriguing and makes me curious about what their ultimate connection is. The art style is nothing to write home about and looks pretty darn basic for anime; though the female characters are drawn nicely (I do question the choice for their physical proportions). Anyways, we still got 11 episodes left and a bonus episode never releases stateside, so who knows how this will ultimately end.

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