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Comic Book Review: Slayride

Detective Comics #826: Slayride
Not Rated
2 Slimes
Copyright D.C. Comics 2007


Robin: He’s the main focus of the story. He is kidnapped by the Joker and taken along on one of the most insane rides of his life. He gets away from the guy and emerges still mentally stable.

The Joker: A psychopath that looks like a clown and is basically Batman’s greatest enemy. This time around, Joker takes a crack at trying to crush Robin’s mental stability. Robin ultimately escapes from him and then he is knocked into oncoming traffic and is splattered by a semi.

Batman: If you don’t know who he is, you’ve been living under a rock since the early 80s. Doesn’t appear in the story until the very end.

+ When you are mortal enemies with someone, you don’t get to hang out a lot with each other.
+ A toy car, when broken, can be used to cut through Christmas lights.
+ Clowns don’t like it when you get their orders wrong in the drive thru.
+ The Joker loves the Marx brothers.

(Take note, the pages come from The Joker: The Greatest Stories Ever Told collection)
Page 171– Could be worse…
Page 173 – … ok, now it is worse!
Page 178 – Of course you don’t hang out with each other.
Page 181 – Holy crap! Ain’t this cheery for a Christmas comic?
Page 183 – That guy there is basically standing still and not reacting as people get run over!
Page 186 – I understand that feeling Robin.
Page 192 – Well that’s going to hurt.
Page 193 – So… where’ve you been?

Joker: (To Robin once he enters the car) ‘Sup?

Joker: (After shooting a fast food manager after not getting his meal) I really wanted those shakes. Oh well, life is full of disappointment.


Ah comic books! I’m more of a manga person than a comic book fan. Oh sure, I read a couple of American comics, mostly D.C. stuff like Kingdom Come, but I mostly focus my attention on manga. However, I am a sucker for all things Batman, especially the Joker, so I bought The Joker: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Collection and encountered this little story I thought would be worth sharing. It is the Christmas Season at this time of the review, so why not?

Robin was tracking down some arms dealers, who got into a middle of shootout with each other and then turned on him. While escaping, his bike gets totaled and he has to flee on foot. Good news is that a passing citizen offers him a ride, which he takes. Bad news is that citizen is the Joker. You just got to hate when that happens!

So, Joker knocks him out with gas and ties him to the passenger seat of the car with Christmas lights. Festive! Robin wakes up at some point and Joker starts talking to him, messing with his mind a bit. Joker promises to free him at some point, but also runs down 2 people in front of Robin and reveals to him a dead couple in the backseats with Joker grins (You know, the laughing gas and stuff?), probably hoping to break his mind.

Robin starts getting angry, but refuses to react or give any signs of emotion; otherwise it might fuel the crazy guy’s mind and insanity. The Joker keeps running people down and even shots a guy in the head at a drive thru for not getting his order right! This isn’t what I think of when I think of a Christmas comic!

Meanwhile, while all of this insanity happening, Robin finds a toy car underneath the seat and gets it without the Joker noticing. He breaks a sharp piece of it off and begins to cut through his bonds, but Joker takes it away and says he will kill him anyways. However, Robin still has another idea. He’s starting to get sweaty, so he might be able to slip through the Christmas lights.

Joker pulls off the gag he had in Robin’s mouth, so he can talk. Joker demands he tells him what his Christmas wish is or he’ll run down some more people. Robin replies with a quote from the Marx Bros., which pleases the loon enough to stop him. Then while on the highway, Robin distracts him by telling him the wrong facts about the quote, which Robin uses to get loose from his bonds.

Robin pulls off the rearview mirror and smashes it on Joker’s head, causing the car to stop. He takes one of Joker’s gas things and sprays it into the villain’s face. Joker tumbles out of the car and is knocked by a car off the side of the highway and onto another road, where a semi finishes him off. As the police arrive, Batman shows up and talks to Robin about what happen, saying he’s happy he was able to survive.

That was morbid Christmas comic for all purposes. To be fair, the plot was alright and the art style was very nice and finely detailed. Everything the Joker said sounded natural and right for his character. However, colorist took a strange approach to coloring the Joker. It looks like he has light blue and green skin instead of pale white. Also, the comic probably would have better a bit better if it wasn’t set during Christmas time since it didn’t seem right and the season wasn’t really used well to add to the story. All in all, it was alright. Since it comes in the Joker story collection, you still can read some of the other, better stories surrounding the villain if you don’t like this story.

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