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Anime Show Review: Green Green Part 2

Green Green Part 2: Episode 2-3
Rated 16 and Older
1 ½ Slimes
Copyright Media Blasters 2006


Yuusuke Takasaki: The main character for the series and a rather likeable character in this series. There is something mysterious about him and his connection with Midori, even if he doesn’t know or can’t remember.

Midori Chitose: She’ll be the leading female role in the series and is completely enthralled by Yuusuke in every meaning of the word. She seems to know him from a past time that he doesn’t remember and she is also dimwitted.

Futaba Kutsuki: She a tomboy and a feminist from what I can tell. She wants no part in making friends with any of guys, but she starts to rethink her opinion of Yuusuke when he protects and saves her a few times. I believe she’ll be the second leading female role in the series.

Tadatomo Ijuuin, Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, and Taizo Tenjin: I will be referring to these guys as the pervert squad, since that best describes the 3 of them and their little posse. Just about everything they do is questionable and disturbing. Heck, I’m pretty sure they can be arrested for just about everything they do.

Reika Morimura: Some mysterious girl that has a connection to Midori and does not want Yuusuke to fall in love with her. In fact, she seems to enjoy it watching her squirm, but I am a little puzzled about why the both of them share a dorm room if they aren’t rather close.

+ Wearing too much aftershave will not get a girl’s attention; it will only make her pass out from the fumes.
+ Wearing bananas in front of your crotch is a very, very wrong way to get a girl’s attention.
+ A girl punching you means she digs you.
+ Asking a girl which part of herself she washes first is not a good idea.
+ A girl can get pregnant by taking a bath in the same water a guy was just in.
+ If you can’t work out an agreement over a bath, duel!

(Time’s According to Green Green Complete Disc 1)
25 min – Episode 2 starts and man, I wish I could download that opening song.
28 min – Couldn’t this be considered sexual harassment?
31 min – Idiot! Don’t be so hard on her!
32 min – …not funny at all.
36 min – Outdoor bath in the girls’ room? I can see where this is going!
37 min – I knew it. Here’s comes a truckload of fan service.
44 min – See? He isn’t that bad of a guy!
50 min – Episode 3 is happening now and I believe I already heard this story before.
52 min – Yuusuke’s matching my feelings regarding this perfectly.
53 min – This is definitely sexual harassment!
56 min – Keep dreaming.
60 min – Eww, don’t pick it up with your hand!
61 min – Yeah, that music is terrible. I wouldn’t want it to come closer either.
62 min – This is no time for nookie you two!
65 min – Awkward levels rising again.
67 min – Perfect punishment for freaks like you.

Yuusuke: (Regarding his friends) What the hell I doing hanging out with these idiots?


Last time in the show; we found out that there is some kind of secret and unknown connection between Yuusuke and Midori, Reika has some sort of mysterious reason for wanting the two of them never to get together, the pervert squad (Tadatomo, Hikaru, and Taizo) was failing miserably at picking up girls, and all together; there was tons of fan service shots in the first episode. I’m overall curious about what is happening, but I am not impressed so far with how the show is going. Well, maybe that will change in the next 2 episodes…

After the high powered opening and a recap of the ending events from episode 1, we find that Midori as once again pinned Yuusuke to the ground to give him a kiss. However, it turns out that both of them having the exact same dream and wake up to find the people they were actually kissing were Reika and Taizo. Talk about your wakeup call.

The next morning, lots of people are all talking about Yuusuke’s incident with Midori and the pervert squad is jealous of him, causing them all to try different methods to get the new female population’s attention. Personally, the only one that sort of got it right is Hikaru with the flowers, but two guys’ attempts are a bit too creepy.

Nothing much goes on during the day, except the pervert squad making very misguided and stupid attempts to get the girls’ attention while Futaba questions why Midori is so interested in getting close to the guys. The real interesting stuff happens at night when the girls discover their outdoor bath and get ready for their bath. Of course, the pervert squad tries to sneak a peek at them with Yuusuke trying to stop them.

For the next few minutes, we get footage of the girls bathing and the guys peeping at them. Since this is completely uninteresting and adds nothing to anything, I’ll move ahead. As the guys watch them, the wooden wall they were behind collapses and the girls discover what they were doing. The girls tie them up and declare the baths are closed to any guys; however, a Kuwabara clone appears and says the girls can’t decide that. He proposes a match between Yuusuke and Futaba to decide if the guys can ever use the bath or not.

He tosses in the key the bath and says whoever gets it first, wins. Futaba wins, the baths are for guys only, but if Yuusuke wins, the guys get to keep using the baths. In a couple of close calls and near misses, Futaba wins, but do searching the water and wearing a white t-shirt, it leads to an awkward victory. However, Yuusuke shields her from embarrassment and gets her a towel, causing her to rethink her low opinion of him. It maybe a lost for the guys, but it could be a plus for Yuusuke.

With that episode 2 ends and 3 starts up! The episode opens up with some more stupid antics from the resident perverts involving idea of boob prints. It’s like fingerprint, but with you know. Like any rational and normal person, when Yuusuke finds out about this, he completely blows them off and regards them as idiots, like the rest of audience watching this crap.

The 3 pervs decide they want to try their new experiment on Futaba. They are complete morons. She would never, ever go for it, and she would most likely kill them if they tried considering her. However, using a fishing pole and hook, they actually rip off her shirt and bra! Holy crap! You can go to jail for this sort of thing!

This goes as well as expected with all 3 guys being beaten to an inch of their lives and Futaba leaving the school on her own due to this (Plus the fact she didn’t want to come in general). While leaving, she takes a shortcut through the woods to the bus terminal and ends up getting lost. Yuusuke, Midori, and the pervert squad head out to find her after she leaves.

Yuusuke & Midori and the squad split up to search for her. Yuusuke & Midori find Futaba at the bottom of a cliff, crying and scared for her life. Being lost in the forest at night with strange sounds and falling down a cliff will do that to a person. At least she was found by two sensible people. Yuusuke heads down the cliff to get her and when he arrives, she instantly embracing him happily. Awww! Speaking of good moments, those perverts get mauled by four bears during their search.

Yuusuke takes Futaba and Midori back to their dorm rooms and heads off. Midori glances at Futaba and suspects that there is something about her that might threaten Yuusuke and her own relationship. The thought is only intensified when Reika, who is bunking in Midori’s room (Nothing like bunking with your enemy), questions amusingly if there are problems between the two of them. With that noted, the episode ends with a close up of Futaba as she ponders things while gazing up into the moon.

I say that this is a rough show to watch with certainty. The problem still carries over from the first part of the review is still present here with the basic artwork for the show. It’s just not that interesting, but I still say the female population is drawn the best. Other hard hitting issues present here is the dub so far. No character really sounds impressive or sounds really good. I checked most of the voice actors and actresses; no one really has much experience or did many roles outside of the girl who does Midori’s voice (Cindy Robinson) and Sanae’s voice (Sandy Fox).

Other problems so far has been the questionable use of humor for this show. The so called comedy reliefs that I have been calling the pervert squad are really not that funny at all. Their brand of humor is very crude and disgusting to listen to.

Despite these obvious failings, there are positives in this show. Yuusuke is rather likeable character, the mystery behind the Midori and Yuusuke is rather curious, and friendship between Yuusuke and Futaba is interesting. While these past two episodes haven’t done anything to strength Yuusuke’s relationship with Midori, it does allow a lot of focus and character development on Futaba.

This show is really hard to watch due to a lot of issues I’m having with it. It’s really not one of those shows you can watch with others due to its questionable and disturbing content, but it is showing some signs there is an interesting storyline that is worth at least seeing to the end to find out what happens. So, Part 2 of the review ends here and we’ll pick this up later with episode 4.

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