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Anime Show Review: Green Green Part 3

Green Green Part 3: Episode 4
Rated 16 and Order
1 Slime
Copyright Media Blasters 2006


Yuusuke Takasaki: Our leading role who is a bit insensitive now and then. Instead of hurting Midori’s feelings, why don’t you ask her why the hell she knows him! He is pulled in the pervert squad’s crusade of breaking into the girls dormitory.

Midori Chitose: This girl is hopelessly in love with Yuusuke for some reason and is waiting for him to ‘wakeup’ from something so that he can love her back. I wish the show would expand on this.

Tadatomo Ijuuin, Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, and Taizo Tenjin: I will be referring to these guys as the pervert squad, since that best describes the 3 of them and their little posse. Despite how un-athletic they look, they seem better durable, strong, and in shape. Hikaru is the only of the squad who isn’t busted by the girls.

Futaba Kutsuki: A tomboy who has a real problem with guys, but holds some feelings for Yuusuke. However, the pervert squad ruins that by dragging him on this little expedition.

Reika Morimura: Wants Midori to never fall in love with Yuusuke. Why? Sooner or later, we’ll find out hopefully. Also, she is a bitch and I have no problem calling her that.

Sanae Minami: A girl who looks very young for her age and is the target of Taizo’s pedophilic fetish.

+ It is a good idea to ask people who been a place for less than a week where things are in that place.
+ You can hang from ropes upside down by only using your feet.
+ To get a student’s attention, teachers will throw tea kettles at them.
+ Real men break into girls dormitories.

(Time’s According to Green Green Complete Disc 1)
75 min – She’s kidnapping him! Someone save him!
77 min – Those pervs are right for once, you made her cry you jerk.
78 min – I knew it! He is a ghoul!
79 min – He does care about people, he just doesn’t care about you 3.
81 min – Oh, irony we love thee.
82 min – Well, if it can work for Snake…
83 min – Sir, this is where you start sucking up and pray that she doesn’t beat your head in with that bat.
85 min – Please, someone kill him already or knock him unconscious.
86 min – Oh God! Pedobear alert! Pedobear alert! Call the police!
87 min – A sexy nurse image! Thank you God! Now I can remove those images from the last scene.
88 min – No, no, no, no, NO! Not again! Damn my eyes! They burn!
89 min – That’ll haunt for the rest of my days.
90 min – That’s right. It is a bear, a pedobear!
92 min – So this is what it is like to wake up the next morning with someone you don’t know.
93 min – I think you might be better off with crazy baseball girl instead of the love sick kitty.

Yuusuke: (Observing the Pervert Squad with binoculars) Hey guys. So, what are you up to?
Taizo: We are planning an assault on the girls’ dorm. Why? Simply, because we can.

Yuusuke: You idiots. It’s called the girls’ dorm because only girls can live in it.


Ah, our trip into the insane and disgusting world of Green Green still marches on. Our stop is with watching episode 4. I could talk about episode 5 in this part of the review, but this episode warrants being the center of attention for what happens in it. So, without further ado, let’s head back in.

After the opening and the story book tale (I pounder why it was forbidden love after a while), we focus on Futaba for a bit as she ponders what happen last episode on how Yuusuke helped her. She seems to have developed a little crush him from what I gathered and then tries to avoid him at any cost while she tries to figure these new feelings out.

Midori is a bit concern about what happened between the two of them and questions Yuusuke about what happened the other night. He denies that anything happened and asks why it should concern her, since he doesn’t even know her. Frankly, I would like to know something about this whole connection about now. What’s her deal? Has it any connection with that story book narration?

Yuusuke then runs into the pervert squad on one of their inappropriate missions. Apparently, they are going to break into the girls’ dorm during the night and they are forcing him into doing it with them. How they can force him into it by saying it made some kind of oath (not mention before) is beyond me. I don’t care what kind of oath I made, you couldn’t convince me to do any of their crazy antics that can most likely end up expelling someone from school.

While this is happening, Midori is all mopey and in her own universe about how Yuusuke doesn’t remember her and stuff. Of course, Reika is there to mess with her head and tell her that her love is all one sided. I wonder why Midori is bunking with this girl. She obviously doesn’t like what she has to say, so why does she want to stay in the same room with Reika?

So, the lights go out at the dorm and the pervs plus one forced tag-a-long descend on the dorms. Futaba hears them coming and sends Hikaru flying with a baseball bat to the gut. The other 2 pervs use Yuusuke, who is left to fend for himself against Futaba, as cover as they sneak into the dorms themselves.

So, the two freaks of nature sneak around the dorm, sneaking into girls’ rooms and sniffing their undergarments. I wish I was making this crap up. I honestly do. However, things get from creepy to disturbing in a manner of moments. Taizo, the guy with the thing for Sanae, breaks into her room. He then says some disturbing things, watching her sleep, sniffing her, and eating rice. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the guy then snuggles up next to her to sleep beside her and sniff her! So wrong, so very wrong! BAD TOUCH! CALL 911! SOMEBODY!!!

After trying to remove those images, we see the remaining freakazoid actually possibly getting it on Chigusa Lino, the nurse of the school, and Futaba closing in on Yuusuke so she can pummel him with her baseball bat. The scenes don’t last long, however, and we end up back with Taizo and Sanae. Oh please! Have mercy on me!!!

Thankfully, the show has mercy on me. Futaba’s younger sister, Wakaba, goes to Sanae’s room to check in on her with her cactus. Don’t ask why she does. Your guess is as good as mine. She sees Taizo and attacks him with her cactus, rubbing it all over his face. Ah, it is the simple things.

Also, the other freak realizes he is with Arisa Haruno and not the nurse. Seems about right to me. Both of them scream and wake up the whole dorm. The girls round up him and Taizo while Yuusuke is still fleeing from Futaba. He makes a beeline for a room to hide in and guess whose room it is? That’s right! It’s Midori and Reika’s room.

He asks to hide in their room and Midori is thrilled. This is the first time Yuusuke ever came to her you see and Reika pointed out this earlier. So she tackles him and starts… humping him?! Don’t ask. The episode then ends with Futaba seeing this, but leaving them alone for some reason. Oh, how the heart breaks.

This episode was really creepy thanks to Taizo’s antics in it. To be honest, the episode wasn’t all that bad and would have scored a bit higher if it wasn’t for him. There were a few decent jokes and some decent slapstick in the episode. The voice acting is slowly getting better with Midori becoming a bit more bearable to listen to and Futaba, Yuusuke, and Reika’s voices are starting to sound fine. Also, the idea behind the episode was sort of amusing as well.

The problems are still here though. Voicing acting is still bad with no one really getting good quickly enough. The animation is still very basic and simple. The music is almost nonexistent outside of the awesome opening song. Also, the biggest problem here (Outside of that creepy thing with Taizo) is that the plot didn’t really advance, but sort of took a step backwards. The last two episodes had developed Yuusuke’s and Futaba’s subtle relationship, but this episode seem to wipe all of that away with its antics.

Overall, the show isn’t getting better in a lot of areas. The points where it does improve are overshadowed by the sheer amount of crap that there is with everything else. Oh well, we still got 9 episodes left and it can only get better… or worse. Please be better.

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