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Anime Show Review: Green Green Part 4

Green Green Part 4: Episode 5 & 6
Rated 16 and Order
2 Slimes
Copyright Media Blasters 2006


Yuusuke Takasaki: Our main protagonist, who balances between being a nice guy and a total jerk. I think he is actually warming up to Midori for once!

Midori Chitose: The female protagonist who is head over heels in love with Yuusuke, to the point where it is almost like she is codependent on him in some way. Her relationship with him actually improves a little for once.

Tadatomo Ijuuin, Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, and Taizo Tenjin: I will be referring to these guys as the pervert squad, since that best describes the 3 of them and their little posse. These are some sick freaks, but Taizo is the one that is the most disturbing in some fashion. Oh well, they get a bit of their just desserts in episode 6.

Reika Morimura: One of the students of the school and roommate of Midori who doesn’t want Yuusuke and Midori to become close. I have no idea why so far, but I do find her plans to keep them apart a bit amusing.

Sanae Minami: A teenage girl who looks very young for her age that suffers from some unknown illness. She is a frequent target of Taizo’s strange obsession with her, but finds some sort of comfort with Yuusuke protecting her from him.

+ If you don’t pay attention in class, a teacher will beat you with a tea kettle.
+ A guy eating rice and staring at a girl isn’t actually a turn on for women.
+ Girls just go crazy over handmade teddy bears.
+ Offering cookies after putting a person down is a normal gesture.
+ If a guy and girl walk together in the middle of the forest, it is considered a date.

(Time’s According to Green Green Complete Disc 2)
2 min – Heard it all before. Let’s move on!
5 min – As far as he is concern, he owes you guys squat!
6 min – Sir, you are scaring her and you are also frankly scaring me.
11 min – And then she turns into a werewolf! Nah, but that would be awesome!
13 min – Sacrilege and also creepy!
16 min – Sorry Reika, you forgot the Midori variable in this little plot of yours.
18 min – Huh? What the…
21 min – Did you figure that all on your own Colombo?
26 min – Episode 6 is happening now and we still get the same old song and dance narration.
27 min – Even school staff sees Yuusuke as the only person around here. Glad I’m not the only one.
29 min – AAAAHHHHH!!! It’s so hideous!
30 min – What the f**k are you talking about you crazy fat guy!?
33 min – Geez, what an asshole.
41 min – I feel queasy! Very queasy!!!
43 min – *Pukes*

Taizo: Yeah! A teddy bear is a great idea! Just one question: what the hell is a teddy bear?

Yuusuke: Why are you picking me?
Chigusa: Because it is quite obvious that you are the only normal boy around here.


This has been a rough ride so far. The show has been slowly getting worse while sort of making small improvement here and there. The sad part of it is if that some small parts of the show didn’t happen in it, like the very creep moment from last episode, the show might actually be a bit better. Oh well, we got two episodes to tackle so maybe things might be able to turn around with some story or character development. With that said, we venture forth into episodes 5 and 6 now.

Episode 5 opens up the following day after the whole breaking and entering incident into the girl’s dormitory. Lunch is rather awkward now that the Pervert Squad broke into the girl’s dorm, so both genders are all sitting on other sides of the lunchroom. The squad wants Yuusuke to break the barrier between the sexes now that they screwed it up since they think he is so close to Midori and all. A good idea, but since they nearly got him beaten up with a baseball bat, what the hell should he even help these losers. Heck, why even be their friends?

Taizo from the Pervert Squad decides to go formally apologize to Sanae for well, acting very VERY pedophilic around her the other night. However, what appears to be a nice gesture on his part turns into a very weird moment when he wants her to experience the same joy he got when he was around her. Umm, eww? Midori and Yuusuke and save her away from the freak of nature. Once away from him, they talk to Sanae and learn a bit about her. Wow! Character development and back story for someone! Hooray!

So Sanae is an often very sick girl who came to this school with the girls to breathe in a lot of the country air to help her feel better. So far, it has been working out fine, as long as they keep taking her pills. The three of them head off for class when the bell rings, but Sanae accidently drops her pill case! I sense trouble!

Later that night, she notices she doesn’t have her case anymore so she starts looking for it. I wonder why it took her this long to realize she lost it? She should have noticed when she changed out of her school uniform probably a couple of hours earlier. Anyways, she looks around and Yuusuke runs into on the way to his room, so he decides to help her. Aww…

He helps her find pill case, walks her back to her dorm, and they also take some time to look at the full moon that is out. It’s a rather sweet scene, but there is a trouble a brewin’ when Taizo sees this and thinks he is moving in on his girl (I don’t think she was ever his girl to be honest). Also, Reika sees this as well and wonders how she can use this to break him and Midori apart even more so.

Taizo and the other two members of the squad think of a way to help him get close to Sanae and suggest that he gives her a homemade teddy bear as a present. Sweet, but would never work considering how much of a freak he is. Reika over hears their plan and decides to set up her own. In her plan, she’ll trick Yuusuke to show up right when Taizo is giving Sanae the present. Since she probably be scared by him, Yuusuke will then come in to save her from Taizo. Being so grateful, Sanae will fall in love with him and he’ll love her back. They’ll be happy couple, leaving poor old Midori out in the cold. Interesting and clever plan, but it’ll fail big time.

And so it does, but not in the way I expect it. Sanae ends up fainting when Taizo give her the teddy bear and when she sees Yuusuke as well. They all rush her to the nurse’s office for her to rest, but the nurse is out, so the guys rush over to find her. While they are getting the nurse, something odd happens. Midori holds Sanae’s hands while she leans next to the bed, watching over her, when they start glowing! Then Sanae is all better! She did use Heal on her?! The mystery of Midori deepens!

After the incident, the episode closes out with Sanae, out of the nurse’s office now, telling Midori that she knows how she feels towards Yuusuke and will root her on. Also, Yuusuke finally warms up bit to Midori after admiring how much she cared for Sanae when she was unconscious. Alright, not a bad episode. Some decent character development and a bit of the plot moving forward from what I can tell. Hopefully the next episode will be just as good.

Episode 6 opens up with Midori and Yuusuke actually planning school event so they can break down the tension between the boys and the girls that the pervert squad caused. Midori sees this as an opportunity to get closer to Yuusuke and possibly have a sort of ‘date’ with him. When she tells Reika about this (Why is she telling the person who doesn’t ever want them to be together anyways?), she believes she doesn’t stand a chance since he is more attached to the other girls and the 3 morons are always bothering them when they are together.

Midori believes things can work out between him and her if no one bothers the two of them and wants to prove it to Reika. As such, she bets if she can’t make Yuusuke become closer to her during this own planning session, she’ll give up on him. Reika agrees to the bet, as long as she keep all of the distracting people away from the two of them. She does so by tricking the pervert squad into an equipment room where she keeps them locked up.

Midori tries her best to have Yuusuke warm up to her or at the very least, enjoy their time together as they plan out the event, but it doesn’t go well at all. The main issue is that when Midori tries to be nice or suggest doing some things, Yuusuke flat out ignores or even blows her off. In fact, he even tells her she can do everything herself since she is annoying him! Look, if there was a girl that interested in me, but I didn’t feel the same way, I wouldn’t go out of my way to literally hurt her feelings or even destroy her emotionally like her is doing! I would try, you know, being nice at the very least.

Midori’s feelings are extremely hurt and is completely mad at him just as it starts to rain. The two of them are forced to take shelter in a shack. They take their clothes off since they are all drenched and now they sit their awkwardly. However, things actually do get a bit better when they start talking to each a bit later in a hot spring nearby. Don’t ask. However, we are given a lot of relationship development between the two of them so once again, the plot is moving! Hooray!

Our episode then closes out with Midori refusing to tell Reika what happened between her and Yuusuke, but revealing enough for her to know that it is still on. Reika is pissed off knowing she lost the bet. Also, those three perverts are finally let out of the equipment room. There was a subplot about them, but it is way too disgusting and unimportant to talk about.

That wraps up part 4 of the review and I must say, I am a bit more pleased with these two episodes than the last one. For one thing, giving some more depth to Sanae and Midori was appreciated; no matter how little it was with one of them. The plot around Yuusuke and Midori actually developed more and the music for Sanae’s episode was rather nice. Also, the voice acting, again, is improving. Sanae sounds pretty good and Hikaru of the pervert squad also sounds pretty decent. Again, the voices for the others that I mentioned before are still improving as well.

Now we come to the issues. Voice acting is still pretty weak and I actually think it took a step backwards with Futaba for what little scenes she actually spoke in. Animation is still pretty bland and I actually saw some strange issues at some points, like where Sanae’s chin actually grew and shrunk. Finally, the pervert squad still is a big issue with their disgusting and totally stupid antics. While they didn’t have as much of an impact on the plots in the two episodes, they still left a dirty impression and stain whenever they did show up, especially in episode 6.

Like I said, the show had improved a bit for these two episodes while still dealing with the big problems that have been plaguing the show in most episodes so far. If the show was to actually keep improving the way it did for these episodes, the show might actually become halfway decent, but I doubt that sadly. We’ll pick this up again with episodes 7 and 8 later.

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