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Anime Show Review: Green Green Part 6

Green Green Part 6: Episode 9 - 10
Rated 16 and Older
2 Slimes
Copyright Media Blasters 2006


Yuusuke Takasaki: The male lead for our ‘romantic comedy’ and one of the most down to earth guys at the school. Even though he shows neutral opinion towards Midori, he stills helps her out. After she kisses him, he remembers their past together.

Midori Chitose: She’ll be the leading female role in the series who is so sickly devoted and obsessed with Yuusuke that it is almost downright creepy. However, Yuusuke remembers their past together towards the end so maybe she’ll calm down now.

Futaba Kutsuki: A tomboy girl at the school who has a crush on Yuusuke considering how nice he is and how much normal he is in comparison with the rest of the boys in the school. Considering how episode 10 ended, she might not be so happy soon.

Reika Morimura: An agent of the future who is devoted to keep Yuusuke and Midori apart for whatever reason. She probably won’t be pretty happy considering what happens.

Sanae Minami & Wakaba Kutsuki: Sanae is a shy and sweet girl, who cannot seem to understand any form of flattery, which is pretty amusing. Wakaba is a girl who loves to carry around a cactus. Even after so many episodes, we still don’t know much about her.

Chigusa Lino: The school nurse, who seems to have a lot of authority if she can organize school events and make students do what she wants. She seems to want Midori to be with Yuusuke.

Tadatomo Ijuuin, Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, and Taizo Tenjin: I will be referring to these guys as the pervert squad, since that best describes the 3 of them and their little posse. Happily, they aren’t focused on as much in these 2 episodes and some of their ‘funny’ moments are genuinely amusing for once.

+ During battles in the past, people were completely purple.
+ Sending students into a dark forest to find an old shrine is part of a school’s curriculum.
+ Cacti will attack bad people if they get close.
+ Teachers can loudly pronounce everyone’s grades out loud.
+ School libraries are rarely ever used.
+ People puke out pink cotton candy.
+ Kissing awakens memories.

(Time’s According to Green Green Complete Disc 3)
3 min – Ah, hooray?
7 min – That poor guy. I feel for him.
11 min – Whoa… the comedy… is actually… decent!!! Oh thank God!
15 min – Give it up. She is flatter proof.
20 min – Monkey rape!! Alright, what would you call it then?
24 min – Ugh. This is getting tiring.
27 min – Real men don’t end up in college if I am following this line of thought correctly.
30 min – How can this girl function in society if all she cares about is this one guy?
31 min – Why are you telling her this?! She doesn’t want you two together! Don’t inform her of something she can mess up!!
36 min – Well… at least he is studying.
40 min – Cat fight!
42 min – Okay, I chuckled at that. I’ll give them that.

Tadatomo: That ugly and hairy silhouette can only be Tenjin!

Chigusa: Are you making any progress?
Yuusuke: Can’t you tell by looking at us?
Midori: Yes! I’m having the time of my life! [She then cuddles Yuusuke’s arm.]
Yuusuke: Get off of me! Dr. Chigusa, this nut job is not the least bit in studying!


It’s that time again! We are once more going into the Green Green series. Last time we left off, we saw a recap episode where the girls sat in the baths and chatted about what has been going on. Thrilling. Maybe things can get more interesting, but I highly doubt it. Let’s continue with episode 9 and 10 now.

The episode begins with Nurse Chigusa telling the school about an old legend. There was once a huge battle in the area a long time ago and in memory of the fallen, there was a shrine built for them deep in the woods. Now, for a courage test, (It’s sort of like a game in Japan from what I can tell), the students partner up and head into the forest at night to find the shrine. In all honesty, I wish my high school did something like that. Would have been so fun!

The teams are two people, a boy and girl, picked randomly through a lottery of sort, while Reika volunteers to scare people in the forest. The partners are Yuusuke & Futaba, Taizo & Wakaba, Hikaru & Sanae, and Midori is with Tadatomo. Oh that could be a problem there with the last pair.

Midori ditches Tadatomo to find Yuusuke & Futaba, since she doesn’t trust them alone after Tadatomo explains what a test of courage is in his own words. Reika, meanwhile, is trying to work on getting Yuusuke and Futaba closer, so Midori doesn’t end up with him. The plan seems to be working well, despite her only using a slimy sponge.

After a spooky enough with a scared student, Yuusuke and Futaba end up at the shrine. There, they receive a token from a teacher that they need to bring back to Chigusa in order to win. Futaba actually asks to have a second one, even though they only need one. It seems to me that she got that one because she wants to remember the time they spent together in this test. Holy crap! Character development, plus a sweet and loving moment! Is this even the same series?! Oh sure, there was some inappropriate and eye rolling moments that I didn’t bring up, but… this seems so different for this show!

As the two walk home, Reika watches from a distance as she plans her next move to bring them even closer when Midori shows up. Reika is annoyed by this and blames her for not following the rules of the game (She is suppose to be one someone) and for making them end up in this century. She yells at her that she and Yuusuke will never be together and that is her destiny. Midori just calls this BS and runs after the two, while Reika is attacked by pervy monkeys. Okay, now this seems like the same show!

Yuusuke and Futaba arrive back the start of the game and notice all the people (Where were they during this game and how did they finish so quickly?!) who partnered up seem to be growing close to each other. Midori shows up and asks them about the tokens they are holding. When she realizes she needs one, she flips out and asks for Yuusuke’s, who gives it to her. Now Futaba has to give up hers (*Sad Ahh*) and then episode just ends there. Well we do see what happened with the rest of the students, but episode still ends pretty abruptly. Oh well, the episode was at least much better than usual.

Episode 10 begins with everyone failing their math test (Besides Reika who got a perfect score) and now they all have to shape up in order to be able to stand a chance at the finals coming up. Pretty scary how this reminds me of my school experience right there. The teacher then questions Midori about her test and frankly, he should. I never heard of a student who put down I don’t know and go off about a boy she has a crush on for a math problem, let alone an entire test. She needs to get her priorities straight. Chigusa comes in and suggests that Yuusuke tutors her in math so that she doesn’t flunk.

There are 2 major problems with that idea, despite the fact that she might focus a bit more. First, she is batsh*t in love with this guy and mostly like not even pay a single amount of attention to what he is trying to teach her. Second and most importantly, he flunked that last math test so in reality, Reika should be tutoring her if anyone should. Then again, I am not an employee of a school so what do I know?

Yuusuke agrees to help her and they work together in the library. However, major problem 1 that I brought up becomes a reality right off the bat, with her not taking a single thing seriously. Instead, she just gushes over him, which only pisses him off. He wants to quit, but Chigusa then comes up with another plan. She tells Midori that if she scores higher than average in the midterms, she make Yuusuke give her whatever her heart desires. Ah, I’m not sure a teacher can force a student to do that. Well, the plan works and Midori gets cracking.

Reika gets wind of this from Midori (Why the hell is she telling her this since she clearly knows Reika doesn’t want them together?) and laughs at her. She flat out says she’ll fail hugely because she never takes any of the classes seriously. Midori says she will score higher than average and will end up getting something from Yuusuke. However, this statement said out loud turns into a large rumor where everyone thinks that if they score high enough, they’ll get something from the person they love and eventually the rumor turns into they’ll get to do anything they want to the person they love. This rumor actually gets people studying! Well whatever motivates a student study I suppose.

Me personally? I wouldn’t believe that rumor if it was going around. It is stupid to be real, plus it would make no sense for teachers to allow that in a CATHOLIC high school.

The rumor actually does peak Futaba’s curiosity and she begins to cram hard, though she doesn’t believe in every part of it. However, things get a little complicated for her when she has help Midori out with some of her math. Hey why wouldn’t it? It’s obvious that Futaba has the hots for Yuusuke, just not as extreme as Midori, so studying with her oblivious rival would be hard for anyone.

Things quickly move to a boiling point between them pretty soon when Midori questions Futaba about her constant glancing at Yuusuke during class. Futaba blows a gasket when Midori accuses her of him liking him, but the dust settles soon enough when Midori explains why it is stupid to hide ones feelings. Oh burn! Futaba then settles down and agrees to continue helping her.

The tests arrive and everyone goes to see the results posted up on the bulletin boards. Unfortunately, Midori does not end up with a better than average score by 2 points, bringing her to tears. However, Yuusuke, who is very impress that she managed to do so well, will still give it what she wants. She immediately hugs him happily and he comments to himself that this seems familiar for some reason. Hmm…

After a spider spooks him, causing them to fall to the ground together (It happens), they end up kissing. Then suddenly, his forehead explodes with four light beams coming out of it! WTF? Then after a mind screw, Yuusuke… remembers everything and embraces her happily, bring a close to this episode.

Ladies and gentlemen, I… don’t believe it! The show… its actually improved! This is so shocking after 8 average, mediocre, or terrible episodes, the show has gotten better. The story stopped dragging its feet and focused on character development, bringing Midori and Yuusuke together, and improving the humor. The animation didn’t look as bad as usual and the voice acting has really come through for once. Futaba, Sanae, Yuusuke, Chigusa, and even Hikaru sound pretty good now compared to the beginning.

However, I must admit, we still got problems here. Other people’s voices are still not that good or just bad, with Midori’s still being annoying as ever, which is a real problem since she is the female lead in the show. The music again, is not that memorable outside of the great opening and nice ending. However, the biggest problem here is Midori in general with her suffering a huge case of flanderization. This is where the action or trait of a character is taken and exaggerated it to huge proportions where it consumes the rest of the person’s personality. Before, she seemed very devoted to Yuusuke a lot, but it never seemed to affect her too much during other things, but now she seems like she cannot operation or function without thinking or looking at him every second. This is almost as bad as the girl from that teen romance novel everyone is always going on about.

But to be fair, these two episodes were pretty good story wise with less of a focus on the pervert squad and the things they do that affect everyone and instead making the story progress. You know; the important stuff. If this trend of improvement can continue into the final 3 episodes, the show may finally be acceptable, but that is if it can improve. We’ll continue on later with part 7 of this review.

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