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Comic Book Review: Final Crisis #1

Final Crisis #1
Not Rated
2 Slimes
Copyright DC Comics

Dan Turpin: A private detective on the hunt for missing metahuman kids. However, he seems to be in over his head when he discovers what really happened to the kids.

Uotan: A Monitor who was sentenced to living as a human after he neglected his duties on monitoring Earth-51. There seems to be something to him, but who knows what that is.

Libra: A villain who is after something, it isn’t very clear. He seems to take control of the Secret Society of Super-Villains after he kills Martian Manhunter. I’m not sure what is going on with him.

Martian Manhunter: One of the founding members of the Justice League and is promptly killed by Libra to make a point. Don’t have a clue how he got captured in the first place.

+ People from the future gave cavemen the ability to make fire.
+ Villains make use of the video camera on cell phones more often than you think.
+ People’s eyes glow red when they become mindless slaves.
+ When trouble is coming, the sky will always turn red or black.

Dan Turpin: We take a good idea and we use it to kill ourselves.

Dark Side Boss: There was a war in heaven, Mister Turpin, and I won. Your future belongs to Dark Side now.
Grant Morrison has written some of the most memorable comics around, whether they be good or bad, and he wrote a lot of stuff that really affected the DC Universe or its characters. There was one story, however, that really changed things up and it is called Final Crisis. The story also happens to be one of his weakest works as well by critics and fans alike. Having read the story, I would have to agree.

Though it is possible and it has been said too that the story may be better if read more than once. For that reason, I decided to reread the series and also review it as well to see if this is true or not. Will this story be a lot better than everyone says upon closer examination or will this story be as confusing and badly written like they all say. Let’s find as we dive into Final Crisis.

Note: There will be no Stuff to Watch For in this review series.

Our story begins in the past where we see a caveman running into a person named Metron. He is from the future and he gives this random guy the ability to make fire. The caveman then uses this ability to scare off of a bunch of raiders attacking his tribe or some random tribe. What does this have to do with Final Crisis? Got me, maybe it’ll be answered later.

He cut to the present where we see private detective, Dan Turpin, who is on the hunt for a bunch of kids that went missing one day. He is currently wandering around a shipyard (Don’t know why) and discovers Orion of the New Gods (Very important individual and son of Darksied) in a garbage pile. Orion says to him: “They did not die” before dying himself. With that, the god dies and the sky turns red. Always a bad sign in any story.

While the Green Lanterns (John Stewart and Hal Jordan) investigate Orion’s death, Dan continues his investigation into the missing kids, who turn out to be metahuman kids (Kids with superpowers in other words). He gets a lead from a superhero called The Question to go to a place called the Dark Side Club. There, he confronts Boss Dark Side about the missing kids and discovers the horrible truth. They’ve been turned into mindless, red eyed zombies! Okay, they’re just red eyed slaves, but still.

Elsewhere, a villain called Libra calls the Secret Society of Super-Villains for a meeting. He wants them to hand over the reigns of the society to him and in return, he’ll give them what they want and bring in the end of the superhero era. To prove a point and show his ability, he has his men bring in the Martian Manhunter and then strikes him down there. Don’t ask me how these guys were able to defeat the Martian in order to capture him. I’m not really sure how it was done either since this comic never addresses this issue.

In another existence elsewhere (We are just all over the map), we see the Multiverse Monitors (Hard to explain who and what they are. The best I can say is that they are the people who watch everyone in the multiverse and try to keep order to it) holding a trial for one of their own. This monitor is Uotan and he has been charged with neglecting his duties. His punishment is to live a human life and they make him disappear. Somewhere, Monitor Solomon says to himself that his plans will now be able to succeed! Yeah, I had to look this up to know who was saying that. This comic is not very good at introducing people.

Then we randomly cut back to the past… or is it the future, because we see Kamandi and the destroyed Statue of Liberty in the background. Kamandi tells the caveman from earlier (Called Anthro) who tells him that Metron gave him a weapon to use against the Gods and that he needs it. Then in the next panel, Anthro is back in the ancient past?! Man, I’m getting whiplash from trying to follow this and once again, I had to look this scene to understand what happened.

Issue #1 then comes to a close as we see Uotan wake up in his new human life. He has no memories of his past as well. On the TV in his room, we hear the news of Martian Manhunter’s death.

First things first, the summary of the story here so far is actually not presented in the way the comic tells it. A lot of the scenes I brought up happen at different points in the comic, like when Dan Turpin meets Dark Side Boss. That happens after the scene with the Secret Society of Super-Villains in reality. I separated the plot points so it would be easier to follow for all of you. That is sort of a problem though with the comic.

All of these scenes seem very disjointed and it makes the story hard to follow. Even if the scenes were easier to read and follow, the story still has problems. I can’t help but feel that a couple of scenes seem rather pointless overall, like the scenes with Anthro and a few others I didn’t bring up. Also, I had to look up a summary of the first issue in order to fully understand what everyone was talking about it or who people were. That’s not a good thing when I’m trying to read this comic.

Still, despite the confusion, I still like a lot of the things here. The artwork is very nice and is helping in setting the dark mood and nature of the events going on. The growing darkness and trouble heading everyone’s way is works well and should make you wonder what everyone’s fate will be by the end of it, especially with those kids who have been turned into mindless slaves.

Overall, this issue has some problems story wise that really hurt it. However, the events foreshadowed and brought up in the story do a good job at grabbing your attention and making you curious about the next issue. With that said, we will continue this review at a later point when we dive into Issue #2.

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