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Anime Show Review: Green Green Part 7

Green Green Part 7: Episode 11 & 12
Rated 16 and Older
1 ½ Slimes
Copyright Media Blasters 2006


Yuusuke Takasaki: The male lead who finally remembers his past. Unfortunately, he doesn’t even considering trying to alter his fate and pretty much gives up on trying anything. He also seems very breakable since a simple tumble is enough to almost kill him.

Midori Chitose: The female lead who finally gets Yuusuke to remember his past. She is the only one who is trying to fight her own fate since Yuusuke is too much of a putz to try. She is forced to give up a ton of her life force in order for him to live and has to return to the future because of it. When she returns home, everybody but Yuusuke and Futaba forget her.

Tadatomo Ijuuin, Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, and Taizo Tenjin: I will be referring to these guys as the pervert squad, since that best describes the 3 of them and their little posse. They don’t play a big role in these two episodes, but point out how Yuusuke has changed since he awaken and helped take him back to the school after his injury.

Futaba Kutsuki: A female student who is very much in love with Yuusuke and is a bit depressed since he started going out with Midori. She seems to have a sixth sense where she able to tell if there are strange things about other people, like Midori and Reika.

Reika Morimura: An agent of the future who was trying to keep Yuusuke and Midori from coming together in order to prevent a tragedy. She ultimately leaves them be when Yuusuke remembers, but is forced to take Midori back home after she loses a lot of her life force.

+ Destiny and fate likes to f**k with people.
+ Girls can make a guy walk like a toy soldier.

(Time According to Green Green Complete Disc 3)
50 min – They’re possessed!
53 min – Didn’t see that coming.
61 min – Hooray!
64 min – EWWWW!!!
69 min – That had to be one of the worst line readings I have ever heard.
77 min – You won’t get this unless you know Japanese culture.
78 min – I’m pretty sure that’s pity.
83 min – That’s a pretty far out there guess, but hey! It’s right.
85 min – I’m pretty sure God has better things to do then to pick on you two.
86 min – Whoa, where did she teleport from?
91 min – What? You could have blown her kiss good bye at the least.


We are reaching the end of our long journey through the perverted insanity that is the anime, Green Green. We have reached Episode 11 and 12 with the main two characters, Yuusuke and Midori, finally together with him now remembering his past. We still do not have a clear understand of what happened, but perhaps now we’ll discover the truth. Heck, maybe the show might become even better now that we got to interesting stuff. Only one way to find out! Let’s venture forth!

Episode 11 begins with the realization that the school coed program will be ending soon. The Pervert Squad of course is sad and also pretty mad at Yuusuke as well since he is the only boy in the entire school to actually end up with a girl. Reality blows, doesn’t guys?

With Midori and Yuusuke now pretty chummy together, Reika is pretty upset. She flashes back to when the two couple first kissed in the last episode. She had arrived and confronted the two of them. Reika then tells him the truth about her, that she is an agent of faith or something. She is supposed to watch over the humans and… well I’m just confused. I thought Reika and Midori were sisters and stuff.

Reika tells him that in the past they use to love each other unconditionally, but could never come together no matter what the circumstances. They made a promise that when they died; they would be reincarnated and could be together then. Finally, they killed themselves. That’s a pretty damn big gamble if I ever heard it so that they could come together eventually. I’m pretty surprised it actually worked however.

So, they did end up being reincarnated, but with Yuusuke in the 20th Century and Midori in the 31st Century. Reika explains with this that they should never come together because it is their destiny, even though Midori did remember traveled back in time to return to him. Midori dismisses this and the two of them are determined to change their destinies. The flash back ends then with Reika looking sad at them. One wonders how this will all turn out.

As you can imagine, this new found couple is also making others sad as well. Futaba is in a bit of a slump now Yuusuke is with Midori and actually passes out in the bath. She taken to the school nurse Chigusa, who figures out the problem she is having and asks Futaba about it. Also, the pervert squad confronts Yuusuke about never hanging out with them anymore and says he is a completely different person now that he is with Midori.

Yuusuke, worrying about his future now and what they said, asks Reika about what is going to happen to him and his past now that he remembers. She isn’t fully sure and leaves it up to him to figure it out. He surprised she isn’t going to try to interfere with this doubt and she says she is just going to let things happen now. Apparently, she is now hoping for them and something. Their dialogue is hard to follow and their acting isn’t selling me.

Later that day, Yuusuke runs into Futaba in the library (Awkward!). He asks her about destiny and if it is possible to change the future, leaving her puzzled. Who wouldn’t be is someone randomly asked you that question out of nowhere? Then they talk a while and see how easy it is to talk to each other. They then tell each other they wish the other was the different gender because it would be… I got nothing. This is puzzling me even more.

After an extremely hilariously bad line read from Futaba, Midori stumbles upon them. To make it even more awkward, Futaba at this point is pretty close to him at the moment. The episode then ends with her running off and leaving the two of them alone. That episode was odd and confusing at some points, plus bad voice work. However, the plot was moving pretty good so maybe episode 12 can do some improvements.

We now reached the final English episode and with the final day of the girls stay at the school. Midori still thinks that she will be sticking around because that Yuusuke finally remember, however, he asks for her to return with Reika because of his conflicting feelings about this awakening and how it messes his now established life. Midori is heartbroken by this and goes crying to Reika. Way to go Casanova, you do a great job breaking things to her.

Despite knowing that this would really play out, Reika still reassures Midori that she managed to change their destiny by being able to reunite in the present. Well that is a way to look at it. It then turns to the Summer Dance, where the school is throwing a sort of going away party for the girls in membrane of the time they spent. During this, Midori takes Yuusuke aside to the building they spent time in when it down poured (Back in episode 6).

She confronts him about everything and asks him if he really loves her, while pointing out that their destiny has indeed change in a way and that may be able to change everything now. However, Yuusuke is still adamant about this and is not sure if they will be able to change their fates. He asks to return back to the future and stay there so they won’t have to throw their lives away. Midori then confesses that she doesn’t know how to go back. Okay, this is getting interesting now.

She reveals it was a one way ticket to the past and asks him again if she should have wasted his time by coming back. He tells her that she wasn’t a waste of time but they still can’t fight their fates. Oh come on Yuusuke! You can at least put some effort into trying at the very least. With his unwillingness to try or seem to give her the right answer she wants, Midori takes off into the storm that has overrun the area. He gives chase after her, but ends up knocking himself out when catching up to her and suffering from a fall.

We cut back to the dance, where a bunch of monkeys run to get help. Don’t ask; it’s a weird story. They just saw the accident where Yuusuke fell and went for help. They lure the pervert squad out to Yuusuke, where Midori is currently trying to help him wake up, and the guys help get them back to the school. Even when they get back to the school, Yuusuke still out of it. Damn, that slight tumbling and fall on wet and muddy ground really knocked him for a loop.

Unfortunately, an ambulance can’t get to the school until morning due to a landslide in the area that is blocking the road. Maybe fate does have it out for the couple, even though I don’t understand why it likes messing when them. Midori naturally assumes this is all her fault, because she came into the modern century and fate is now trying to do whatever to keep them apart permanently. Fate and destiny are cruel bastards.

Midori spends the night next to Yuusuke in the nurse’s office and Futaba comes in to comfort her during this time. Then in a very odd moment, as Midori holds Yuusuke’s hand, their hands start glowing!! (This happened back in episode 5) Reika randomly appears from nowhere and tells her not to use the glow power otherwise she’ll die. Apparently, Midori came into this power when she was crossing time & space and this power in particular has the ability to give a person’s life force to another. Couldn’t we have shown more of this throughout the series? It could have been a very interesting plot point.

So if she gives up most of her power, she can no longer live in this century. I’m more surprised by the fact that Futaba is taking all of this in strive, even though she mentioned she suspected there was something odd about the two girls. As you can imagine, she gives up most of her life force to heal him. She then kisses him one last time and drops onto the bed, out cold. Good night, sweet princess.

Yuusuke wakes up and the two girls fill him on what happen, telling him that now it’s his time to save her life. Reika leads him (As he holds Midori), with Futaba following, to a dead tree in the middle of the forest, which she reveals to be a portal to the future. Midori wakes up and realizes what is happening as Yuusuke asks Reika if she can ever returned. She sadly shakes her head no and Midori tells him not to worry about her. She tells him she was glad that they were able to be together, even for a little while, and then she and Reika return home, leaving Yuusuke and Futaba to watch them leave.

Yuusuke returns back to the nurse’s office, without anyone else being the wiser, and everyone is really relieved by this. Yuusuke goes to the girls’ dormitory where everyone is meeting to say good-bye and get some photographs taken by the students over the time the girls spent there. However, something catches everyone’s attention. A picture of Midori with Yuusuke. The thing is that no one seems to remember who she is or even the fact she was at the school to begin with.

With that, the episode closes out with Yuusuke and Futaba saying good-bye and the rest of the girls leaving on their bus back to their school. The credits roll as they leave and all the guys say good-bye. Just before everything blacks out, we hear Midori and Yuusuke confessing their love for each other one last time.

That’s it folks. That’s final English episode of the show. Now let us reflect on the last 2 episodes. We have a bit of a problem sadly. The voice acting took a bit of nosedive with these episodes. I really think these actors and actresses cannot do drama to save their lives. The voice work, admittedly, is fine when the people are talking normally and saying things without too much emotion them. However, when they have to get dramatic, they fail big time. You may find yourself switching over to the original language for these final episodes.

Other problems that suffer here are some of the last minute reveals, especially with the life force thing. I feel the show could have expanded more on this and established it earlier on to get us interested on how this will come back to play later on instead of just showing it only twice. I also find a bit upsetting that they didn’t expand much on Futaba’s little sister throughout the show. Almost every character, besides the nurse, was given enough background or development so they wouldn’t be real cardboard cut outs. I also didn’t really like this ending since all the buildup with this romance and trying to cheat destiny ended up being a letdown with Midori returning back to her time. Though, this is a matter of opinion mind you since the ending could work for others.

On a more positive note, I do think the story did improve towards the end, even if it was a bit predictable. The fan service and the antics of the pervert squad that were disgusting and disturbing earlier on were barely even there, making this much for tolerable. The animation was alright again with no problem and impressively, I think the soundtrack actually was decent and worked for the scenes towards end.

I don’t know really when I at these two episodes. I think the improvements were great, but the problems were annoying and hurt it overall. I say that at this point, you probably won’t mind anymore after you finish sitting through it. You came to expect some of this as the show went on so you really shouldn’t be thinking the ending was going to be all that great.

Even though I’m talking like this is the ending of the show, it isn’t. This is where the English dub ends for the show, but there is still one episode left. This episode wasn’t picked up by the company dubbing the show because of certain things in it. As such, since this show isn’t over yet, there will be one last review to end everything for good. Stay tuned because we are approaching the final stretch of Green Green.

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