Special Review Archive

This is the section that contains reviews on other things outside of movies, like comic books and TV shows for instance.

Comic Party: The first episode of a rather unknown anime series based off a visual novel.
Happiness OVA (2007): An episode about a side character in a Harry Potter/Negima! style show.
Negima! Magister Negi Magi: The first episode of the first anime adaption of the popular manga.

Comic Books:
Ame-Comi #1 (2012): In a world of only female superheroes, Wonder Woman makes her first appearance.
Ame-Comi #2 (2012): Another night, another fight with a supervillian as the dynamic duo of Batgirl and Robin face off against a big gang of femal villains in their silly outfits.
Deathstroke #9 (2012): So begins Rob Liefeld's run.  Let the horror commence!
Final Crisis #1 (2008): Trouble is abrewin' in the DC Universe with things happening!
Jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas (1995): It's Christmas time and Batgirl finds herself battling Clayface.
Slay Ride (2007): The Joker takes Robin on the wildest ride of his life during the Christmas season.

Abducted By Demons Arc (2008-2009): A manga that reminds you that there is far worse places than Village of the Damned
Bio-Meat: Nectar (2000-2002): Something in the near future, the foodsupply of black starfish start fighting back.

TV Shows:
Tale of the Crimson Clown (1992): Outside of the Boogeyman and the Child Catcher, there is another person out there that kidnaps bad kids and wouldn't you know it, it is a clown!
Tale of Laughing in the Dark (1990): A classic episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark that'll induce clown nightmares in children for years.
Tale of Many Faces (2000): An episode from the later seasons where it just goes to show you that you are better off modeling than you are acting.