Strike Witches Anime Series

Strike Witches is an action packed and Pedobear approved anime series from Japan.  It follows the story of Yoshika Miyafuji, a young girl who joins an elite force called the Strike Witches to fight the alien invading force called the Neuroi.  The series is infamous for its fanservice of young girls who live in a world where pants are only allowed to be worn by men and skirts are outlawed.  Despite the criticism it rightfully deserves, is it any good or is it just what everyone thinks it is, wanking material.  Let's us venture forth!


Season 1: Episode 1
Season 1: Episode 2-3
Season 1: Episode 4-5
Season 1: Episode 6-7
Season 1: Episode 8-9
Season 1: Episode 10-11
Season 1: Episode 12